23 – June 2016: Audrey Lefèvre is pleased to chair a morning discussion at Syntec Numérique on connected objects.

A whole host of connected objects are in existence today in sectors ranging from sport, to mobile health, the quantified self, hobbies, homes, home automation and cars. Much more than from the sale of the objects themselves, revenue mainly comes from the applications, associated services and platforms offered with these objects which form a real ecosystem around user data.

A number of issues must be taken into account from the time the connected object is created to its launch in this ecosystem:

  • in terms of intellectual property: the complex nature of the connected object, created by a multitude of designers, all liable to claim rights to that object,
  • in terms of personal data law: user data on which the economic model is based are personal data, the processing of which is subject to the French Data Protection Act (loi Informatique et Libertés) and the new European regulation, the case of health and well being data being a particular sticking point.

Participants will learn about:

  • securing their intellectual property rights to the connected object, its software, applications and databases,
  • Identifying their obligations under the French Data Protection Act and the new European regulation in terms of collecting user data and reusing such data within the ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

Information Sheet PraTIC Syntec – Les enjeux juridiques des objets connectés (Connected objects: the legal issues