23 – June 2016: Audrey Lefèvre is pleased to chair a morning discussion at Syntec Numérique on connected objects.

A whole host of connected objects are in existence today in sectors ranging from sport, to mobile health, the quantified self, hobbies, homes, home automation and cars. Much more than from the sale of the objects themselves, revenue mainly comes from the applications, associated services and platforms offered with these objects which form a real ecosystem around user data. A number ...


10 FEBRUARY 2016: The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) has publicly given Facebook three months in which to comply with the French Data Protection Act

On 8 February, the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) made public the formal notice it had issued to Facebook on 26 January. In this notice, the CNIL rebuked the social network for several breaches of the French Data Protection Act involving the collection not just of its members' personal data, but of the data of visitors with no Facebook ...


LEFEVREAVOCATS wish you all the best for 2016!


December 2015 : Expertises magazine # 408

The use of Agile method in IT projects tested by French courts: if the French highest court of justice (Cour de cassation)  has not yet handed down decision about the use of Agile method in IT projects (for creation of websites, software development...), the Paris Court of appeal  (Pôle 5 ) was called upon on several occasions in 2015 to rule on liabilities of both customer and ...