November 2015 : Expertises magazine # 407

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7 October 2015: The CJEU notes the failings of ‘Safe Harbour’ and gives European supervisory authorities greater discretionary powers

In its judgment dated 6 October 2015, the CJEU ultimately upheld the opinion of the advocate general, Yves Bot, dated 23 September 2015 (see our post dated 24 September), in which he upheld the discretionary power of supervisory authorities with regards the level of protection of the Safe Harbour scheme and declared the European Commission decision, which established the ...


24 September 2015: Transfer of personal data to Facebook’s American servers: the position of the CJEU Advocate General

Opinion of CJEU Advocate General Yves Bot on questions referred for a preliminary ruling in the case brought by an Austrian national against the Irish Data Protection Commissioner relating to the transfer to the United States of the personal data of Facebook users residing in the European Union. In his opinion, the advocate general upheld the discretionary power of European ...


September 2015 : IP Newsletter of the International Bar Association Legal Practice Division

The exhaustion of the distribution right clarified by the CJEU’s Art & Allposters judgement of 22 January 2015: the exhaustion of the distribution right was clarified by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) judgement Art & Allposters of 22 January 2015 (Case C419/13, Art & Allposters International BV). According to this judgment, the exhaustion of the distribution right is limited to the distribution of tangible goods and the ...